Tips for Air Travel With Diabetes!

Preparation starts when you buy your ticket. You must contact your doctor for a prescription that details the diabetes medicines & the supplies and you must have with you on the plane. Request an aisle seat. Having one will make it easier to get up regularly and move around the cabin. This will prevent blood clotting in legs on prolonged sitting. Let your flight attendant know that you have diabetes. Pack your diabetes supplies in a see-through plastic bag that allows airport officials to give it a visual scan. Keep all these medicines in your carry-on bag and not in the cheek in luggage. Carry foods that provide a balance of protein and carbohydrates, such as walnuts and almonds, raisins, cheese sticks, apples and vegetables such as carrots. You’ll want to avoid the body scanner if you wear an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor (CGM). However, you may safely proceed through the airport’s metal detectors.Throughout the flight; check your blood glucose more frequently. Stress, changes in your eating schedule, dehydration, and other factors can affect your levels and your insulin requirements. Don’t take insulin before your meal arrives on your seat. Should you become hypoglycemic, reach into your carry-on for the glucose tablets, gels or juices you had packed. So remember -Prescription medications, Insulin syringes, if used, Gluco meter, along with strips, , Glucose tablets or gels to treat low blood glucose.

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