Regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing Diabetes

It’s not inevitable—age-related weight gain, especially around their abdomen has more to do with lifestyle than with age. One of the reasons why people accumulate abdominal fat, as they get older, is likely related to the fact that they are probably being less active. One of the main strategies for keeping the dangerous belly fat off is keeping up a high level of physical activity. Visceral fat can lead to metabolic syndrome, a collection of risk factors that include elevated BP, increased triglycerides, higher cholesterol, and greater diabetes risk. When it comes to reducing visceral fat, exercise is the key. Regular physical activity burns visceral fat . Small changes in life style such as parking in the farthest spot in the parking lot, taking a couple of laps around the shopping mall before you shop, all can add up. It’s important to move more throughout the day. For example people often take the elevator instead of the stairs or they order groceries online instead of going to the store, etc. That may indeed mean that many steps have been eliminated. Current health guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (Brisk Walking) per week for adults and include at least two days of resistance exercises. A 3% to 5% weight loss with increased physical activity accompanied by dietary changes can surely make a big impact in Diabetes prevention & control.

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