Mind-Body Therapies for Diabetes.

Having to manage diabetes on daily basis leads to emotional and mental distress, mental fatigue and burnout. Feelings associated with diabetes distress may run the gamut from anger & denial to frustration. Stress associated with diabetes management has been linked to poor blood sugar control , higher rates of complications and decreased quality of life. Consistently high levels of stress can lead to anxiety and/or depression in patients with diabetes .Given the overall growing interest and participation in meditation based stress reduction practices all over the world , their application for those with diabetes also is increasing and becoming an integral part of diabetes management.A recently concluded study conducted by Prof Dr Sandeep Rai showed that those people practicing Sahaja Yoga recorded a significant improvement in their Heart Rate Variability. Diabetics generally have low Heart Rate Variability and thus they are at a greater risk of developing heart diseases and Arrhythmias. They can greatly benefit from practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation .Sahaja Yoga is extensively researched and its usefulness in tackling Stress and Stress related diseases is firmly established in Medical Science. Sahaja Yoga is now practiced in more than 150 countries of the World. It is free , easy to learn and does not interfere with any religion and can also be learnt free of cost from Internet .(http://www.freemeditation.com) or contact Mr Murthy-9167997954

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