Dr Sandeep Rai, Consultant Diabetologist, Apollo Hospital, CBD& MGM Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Have small and frequent meals. Avoid too large meals at one time.

• INCLUDE whole grains like jowar,bajra and nachini daily in your diet.

• INCLUDE skimmed milk or Toned milk for making curd, butter milk, paneer etc.

• INCLUDE egg whites (1-2)/ chicken without skin(2-3) pieces/ fresh water fish (1-2 pieces) , 2-3 times a week.

• INCLUDE Whole legumes; wholes Dals and lentils in diet . • INCLUDE fruits like orange, sweet lime, apple, pear, guava, papaya .. • AVOID refined flour (maida and maida products) like toast, pav, butter, bread, biscuits etc.

• AVOID butter/cheese/ mayonnaise/ whipped cream. • AVOID potato, sweet potato, yam,rabbi,

• AVOID – mangoes, jackfruit, grapes, custard apple and banana. • AVOID sugarcane juice, tender coconut water, squashes, soft drinks and alcohol.

• AVOID preserved items like papa, pickles, chutneys,(coconut, groundnut chutney) ready to eat items, ready to eat soups.

• AVOID excess use of salt, do not go for extra salt. Salt substitutes like tamarind, lemon and kokum water can be used.

• AVOID sugar, jaggery , honey, molasses, dessert, chocolates, ice-creams, pastry ,cakes, jam ,jellies etc.

• AVOID deep fried items. Like: wada,samosa,meduwada,poori,bajji,farsan etc.

• AVOID excess use of oil, ghee. Try to include at least 2-3tsp of oil per day (half a litre per person per day) • Exercise daily.

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